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Use of this product is simple. It works much like using a plain tarp to remove leaves and yard debris, while eliminating the major drawbacks of tarps, and greatly increases efficiency. Following a few simple instructions will maximize the utility of the LEAF LUGGER™ leaf net. To start, open it and spread it out onto the ground. When in an open or flat position for loading, it will stay flat and will keep its (square) shape if it is moved from place to place by using the handle or by grabbing it on any one of the other three corners of the device.

Once fully loaded, it closes securely so that leaves or debris do not fall out during transit. In order to close it, simply pull on or gather the rope where it exits the grommet (hole) next to the handle. Coil the rope in one hand as the net is being closed. When closed, grasp the rope/cord and the handle simultaneously, or wrap a short length of the rope/cord around the bottom of the handle; this will keep it closed securely until the desired destination is reached. When moving the leaves/debris to the curb or compost heap, simply drag it by the handle. If conditions are still (i.e., no wind), there is no need to close the device in order to transport the leaves/grass clippings, branches, etc.

When depositing the leaves/debris onto the curb or compost heap, dump them via the corner opposite where the handle is situated, since the cord at that corner is permanently affixed to the "floor" of the device; although they can be dumped from any corner or side of the LEAF LUGGER™, this method is most efficient. If the net has been closed for transport, before opening it, slide the cord so that the knotted section rests against the metal grommet (hole), in order to take all of the slack out of the cord.

Although this step is not essential, following this sequence allows the net to open more quickly, without undue resistance. After the leaves/debris have been dumped, grasp the handle or any of the other three corners to move it to the next area to be cleaned up. It can be stored in the box or folded into a square (fold it in quarters)or triangular shape (much the same as folding a flag). The product cleans easily with soap and water, and is mold and mildew resistant.

WARNINGS: This product is safe when used correctly. As rope/cord are components of the device, care must be taken to prevent strangulation or tripping, as it presents a TRIPPING HAZARD and a CHOCKING/SUFFOCATION HAZARD. Do not allow children on or in it, especially during transport and/or if the device is or is being closed. The solid vinyl portion of the tarp is a suffocation hazard, so proper care must be exercised due ti that risk. The product also is flammable. DO NOT USE ON OR NEAR FIRE, OR ANY FLAME OR EMBER.