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 The “Leaf Lugger” leaf net is a patented product which greatly reduces the time and effort necessary to clear a yard of leaves. The most efficient method of leaf disposal involves getting the leaves to curbside for pickup, without the wasted effort and expense of putting the leaves into bags. The overwhelming majority of municipalities remove piled leaves from the curbs of homes and businesses at least twice each fall. 

 Leaf disposal is an annual task which is time consuming and physically taxing. A 2006 survey by the Toro Company revealed that 77% of homeowners stated that ridding their yards of leaves was their number one problem task. It also is expensive, as the overall costs associated with this job are in the billions. Most homeowners continue to do the job themselves, and the current economic climate will force many of those who did not dispose of their leaves, and paid others to do the job, to cut back on expenses such as paying landscapers to remove their leaves.  

 The invention in question facilitates the rapid transport of leaves and lawn debris from the yard to the curb.  Blowers or rakes are not efficient at moving quantities of leaves which are not near the street, and which must be raked or blown great distances to the curb for pickup. This is particularly true for leaves in the back yard. This product is a great improvement over a tarp, which millions of homeowners, and landscapers, use to get leaves to the curb or to a compost site.  

 Although millions of people use tarps or blankets to drag leaves out of their yard, they have significant drawbacks.  The main drawback is that they constantly need to be “flattened” and readjusted, which wastes a lot of time and effort. The “Leaf Lugger” has design features which prevent it from losing its shape and from losing its contact with the ground when leaves are being placed onto it with a blower or a rake.  It also does not need readjustment when it is moved or when the wind blows. This is a major distinguishing feature of the product and differentiates it from a tarp or any of the existing products which have tried to improve on the tarp for use in leaf removal.  

 The fact that the device stays flat to the ground is a critical aspect of the leaf net. The biggest problem with tarps and similar products is that they continually have to be adjusted and readjusted to maintain their shape and to lie flat to the ground in order to allow for leaves to be easily placed onto them for transport. This benefit is also important when moving the net to different areas of the yard to collect more leaves; it slides smoothly over terrain and does not need readjustment after it has been moved. Another significant benefit is that it can hold large quantities of leaves, more than would fit into several leaf bags. This reduces the number of trips to the curb.  The flat configuration of the device also allows for leaves to be deposited onto it from all sides. 

 The defining feature of the product involves the use of rigid poles embedded in the outer portions of the net.  This keeps it flat for ease in depositing the leaves, and allows for the device to easily and securely close when loaded.  It closes quickly and easily, simply by pulling on the handle. When closed, the fully loaded net does not allow for any leaves to fall out before it is opened at the curbside. 

 Drawings and photos on the website illustrate the design and utility of this invention.  It is a simple and efficient design, and the product is durable. Use of a strong, woven mesh material for the outer portion of the net renders the device windproof. Thus, there is no need to fasten the net to the ground when using it on windy days.   

 The flat configuration allows for leaves to be raked or blown onto it from all sides and it slides easily over grass, asphalt or stones without wear or tear, and does not snag on roots or stones. The handle allows for the net to be pulled easily around the yard without losing its shape and keeps the net closed securely when full. It lasts for many years, is easy to clean and requires very little storage space. 

 Landscapers also will benefit from, the product, as it represents a low cost method to increase the efficiency of a crew working at leaf disposal, as most landscapers take the leaves to a truck at the curb then vacuum them into a trailer. 

 This patented (patent pending) product is durable, cost effective and environmentally friendly. It reduces or eliminates the need for recurring cost of purchasing leaf bags, and will reduce the amount of materials needed to manufacture leaf bags nationwide, and the energy required to make and ship the bags.  In fact, the “Leaf Lugger” costs less than most households spend annually on leaf bags alone.  However, its greatest attribute is efficiency, as it reduces the time necessary to clear a yard by at least 50%. Within a few years, this new product will be as commonly used as the rake or the blower in the annual task of leaf clean up.