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  Leaf Tarps Make Leaf Cleanup Fast and Easy Date: 01/22/2014  

It doesn’t matter where you live anymore – you’re going to have leafs on your lawn year-round.

Sure, there’s snow and there’s summer grass, but the way crazy temperatures and seasonal fluctuations are these days you could be raking in winter, spring and summer – not just fall!

So what can make your leaf cleanup work easier, faster and hassle-free?  Why, leaf tarps of course!

Yeah, leaf tarps aren’t the most exciting things in the world, but the most useful usually aren’t.  And how exciting is sitting back in your favorite armchair with a cold one while you watch your neighbor struggle with his leaves? 

That’s right, a leaf tarp means you’ll have more time to sit back and relax because your yard work becomes easier.

Leaf Lugger – The Best Leaf Tarp Around

When you begin looking around online you’ll find lots of yard tools and implements that promise to save you time and money.  Many are jokes – you can tell that right from looking at them.  Many are great products, they’re just priced way too high.

A leaf removal product that gives you quality and value at an affordable price is Leaf Lugger. 

With Leaf Lugger you won’t have all the noise that you would with a leaf blower and you won’t have all the hassle that just a rake alone promises.

Instead you’ll get a windproof tarp with coated mesh outer panels and slick, high strength inner panels that allow the Leaf Lugger to withstand even the toughest conditions.

That means your Leaf Lugger will last for years, saving you time and money.

Here are some ways leaf tarps help you with yard cleanup:

Handles Like a Pro

You’ll handle your leaf tarp like a pro when you use the strong polypropelene corner handles.  These make dragging and hauling your leaf tarp easy.  No more constant bending to pick up pile after pile, which saves your aching back.

A Bag-less Fall Season

When you use a leaf tarp for fall cleaning you won’t have to go through boxes of plastic bags.  A leaf tarp allows you to transport your leaves quickly and efficiently to larger disposal containers or even the back of your truck.


You know you’ve got that tree, the one that sheds its leaves the same time each year like clockwork.  Why not just throw your leaf tarp down under it and come back in the morning for some sweat-free yard work?

So what are you waiting for?  Call or contact us today about your Leaf Lugger!

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