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  Getting Rid of Pesky Fall Leaves Fast Date: 01/22/2014  

They’re the bane of your existence – autumn leaves.  They fall down onto your carefully manicured lawn and just give you grief to no end.

So what can be done?  How can you blast these pesky invaders into the next dimension?

There are many ways, some that you’ve tried and some that may be new to you.  All will help you eliminate fall leaves fast.

Leaf Lugger

One of the best ways you can get rid of leaves fast is with Leaf Lugger.  Leaf Lugger is a leaf tarp that can be placed quickly and easily in your yard or garden to collect leaves.

Here are some ways leaf tarps like Leaf Lugger really get the job done, as well as some other creative techniques.

Use Tarps to Conquer Them

Leaves are not smart but they can seem like it sometimes.  They blow into the most inconvenient places, fall when you like it least, and have a tendency to keep appearing.

Why not beat them at their own game with a simple and affordable alternative to raking and bagging? 

Leaf tarps can be laid down under trees to collect leaves.  Simply lay them down when your leaves typically shed and then gather them up.  Most tarps will have corner handles so you can pick up large amounts of leaves quickly and easily.

Instead of chasing leaves around, why not conquer them with a leaf tarp this fall leaf season?  It’ll save you lots of headaches and get the job done faster.

Vacuum The $#!^ Out of Them

It might sound a little strange to whip out the Hoover or Dust Devil for a spin outside, but that’s just what you should do.

Leaves will never see this cunning tactic coming, and neither will your chiropractor.  See, with a vacuum sucking up your fall leaves you won’t need a rake.  And if you don’t need a rake you won’t be doing a lot of stressful moving.  And let’s not even get into all the bending up and down you’ll have to do to get all those fall leaves into bags!

Cheap Vacuums are One Way to Do the Job

With a vacuum cleaner sucking up those fall leaves you have the bag right in your hand!  When it gets full simply empty it out, perhaps in a nearby trash can.  Wow, now you’re saving money on those pesky plastic bags too!  Who knew fall cleanup could be so easy!

Blow Them to Hell

If you’re like many men and women out there, grabbing the leaf blower might not be such a bad thing.  Cranking that bad boy up can be fun, and blowing leaves all over the place even better.

So what are some ways you can use your leaf blower to blow your leaves the hell out of your yard for good?  Here are just a few

  1. Wind:  Wait for a day when the wind’s blowing away from your yard.  Grab that leaf blower and watch as mother nature makes your efforts seem herculean.


  1. Tarp:  Position your leaf tarp up against a fence or other area where leaves tend to blow and collect.  If you can place something where you know they’ll go it’ll save you lots of time if disposal is an issue.
  1. Direction:  Don’t spin about or look behind you when you’re blowing.  There’s nothing worse than someone calling out to you so you turn and blow that pile right onto that clean spot.  Always be vigilant so you can send those leaves to eternity.


As you can see there are many possibilities when it comes to getting rid of leaves in your yard.

Instead of all the hassles why not just go with a proven and fast way?  The Leaf Lugger is your best option.  Call or contact us today!

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