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  Leaf Cleanup Date: 04/11/2014  

Leaf Cleanup

The old way was to rake leaves, rake some more leaves, then grab plastic garbage bags and continue to rake those leaves.


After trying to rake the leaves into the bags you still have a mess.  As you think you are finished with raking you look around and see that leaves are still staring at you. 

Of course you need to again rake leaves or else be left with piles of broken leaves scattered in spots on the thought be finished yard.  There has to be an easier way for Leaf Cleanup.

Did you ever think of what life would be like if raking leaves were simpler or easier???

If you did  then maybe you should be thinking about the one of a kind invention: The Leaf Lugger.  This amazing way of removing unwanted leaves is designed to delete time and effort of trying to fill up plastic bags and wasting time walking back and forth with leaves.  We all hate going back and forth, bending over, and raking those leaves to perfection. 

As seen above, just spread out your Leaf Lugger and rake your leaves onto it.  The mess is now gone as you can see the Leaf Lugger is ready to transport your unwanted leaves. 

Did you notice how the yard is clean and the tarp is still flat???

I hope you noticed because the tarp does not move while raking.

Now Think about it, do you want to have easy Leaf Cleanup? or do you want to waste hours and energy doing the same thing over and over?

If you said "YES" to easy Leaf Clean up then why not try the Leaf Lugger

The Leaf Lugger is fast and Easy.

This Leaf Tarp is much more than a plastic bag or a Leaf Net because it will hold the leaves and be ready for the place of disposal you choose.  No more worrying about having to go over the same spot three or four times.  Once you open up this tarp you will see that it is unlike all other tarps.*450/20111129_inq_leaves29-b.JPG

This smart tarp technology has stiffeners built in, preventing it from folding or moving as you rake leaves over it.  The mesh on the outside prevents it from bending or buckling in the wind.

The Leaf Lugger can be placed quickly and easily in your yard or garden to collect leaves.

Once you are finished raking, just pull the rope which turns your leaf tarp into a giant bag that removes the leaves without a mess.


Now Leaf Raking is made easier and quicker for your convenience.

This is the fastest way for leaf removal.  So when you think of a leaf removal tarp think of the Leaf Lugger.

Just remember that when you use a blower,  you are just moving the leaves.   When you use bags you have a mess.  When you use a lawn mower you still have leaves but in smaller pieces.   The list goes on and on, but the solution to leaf cleanup is: The Leaf Lugger

This looks better

Than a messy yard:

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