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  A leaf tarp that works Date: 04/12/2014  

A leaf tarp that works...

Do you like leaf cleaning your property every year around fall? 

Just look at how much fun it is to clean up the yard.

If you said, "No," then you should not enjoy spending countless hours trying to perfect your land as you rake, blow, burn, or mow the leaves out of existence.

All those ways are fine but it still leaves you with leaf remains.  The alternative to all this would be something durable, something that can remove these leaves without making a mess, and something that can be moved away easily.

These leaves are a nuisance and they have to go, but there is only one thing that can save the day.

The answer is the Leaf Lugger...

Once the leaves are on the leaf tarp, your goal is almost complete.

The goal is that you want all these leaves gone; you should be able to get rid of these leaves and spend your precious time doing something that you enjoy.

This leaf removal technique costs much less as you reuse the Leaf Lugger over and over.

How do I use this Leaf Tarp?

Take your Leaf Lugger and spread it out flat on the ground.  Next, start raking your leaves onto it.  Once you place your unwanted leaves on the Leaf Lugger, pull the rope to convert it into a bag. 

All you have to do is pick it up; it now forms a bag to carry to any destination you want.  You can either carry it or drag it.

Last, find the right place to dispose the leaves and now you're done.  This easy to use invention saves time, effort, it is easy to clean, and doesn't take up much space when rolled up. 

How does this leaf tarp turn into a bag??

The rope surrounding the outside of the Leaf Lugger is a built in handle.  That is what makes it so convenient to use.  Once the rope is pulled the Leaf Lugger closes from all directions.  Now you can lug this bag of leaves around with no messy leaves remaining.

Do leaf tarps move while I rake leaves??

This smart tarp technology has stiffeners built in, preventing it from folding or moving as you rake leaves over it.  The mesh on the outside prevents it from bending or buckling in the wind.*450/20111129_inq_leaves29-b.JPG

Can I reuse it?

Of course, this leaf tarp you can use over and over; it saves you three important things: time, energy, and money.  You can't get much better than those three just by using a Leaf Lugger.

Think of the Leaf Lugger as a Leaf net, a Leaf tarp and a carrying bag combined all into one without worrying about having to have separate items.

If you want an effective leaf tarp then why not give the Leaf Lugger a try. 

Now Leaf Raking is made easier and quicker for your convenience.

This is the fastest way for leaf removal.  So when you think of a leaf removal tarp think of the Leaf Lugger.


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