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  Yard Tarps Date: 06/02/2014  

Leaves are pests, they are annoying, and they get in the way.

There's now a simple way to manage your leaf overflow.

First, let's see what went wrong...

The thing you need to do is rake, rake, rake those leaves

Raking is the simple way to clean up your yard

After raking the leaves we now need to transport them.  

Will a tarp do the job???

But!!! The way you move the leaves could be a problem....

The blue tarp just blows away or moves as you try to move those unwanted leaves onto the ordinary tarp.  The tarp looks like a good idea but it is just too light to stay in one spot.  Also, a little wind will bend it away before the leaves get on it.

Maybe this could be the answer???

Next, let's try a blower, this could be easier to move your leaves????

Let's think that through, the blower moves the leaves but where do they go???

They are still there and you waste energy moving them...

Let's see the result...

Doesn't it look like the whole process needs to start all over...

Using an ordinary tarp and using a blower still results in a mess. 

The ending result is that they are still in need of removal. 


What way could we put them where we want them without having to waste anymore time???

It could be called a Yard Tarp, a Leaf Net, or even a Leaf Tarp with handles, but the key to all your leaf needs:

The Leaf Lugger

Yes you thought correctly, this Leaf Lugger can be used from all four sides.

Or you could use that blower to move the leaves onto it.

Now check out what happens when it is full of leaves.

Once you get the leaves on it, all you have to do is pull the ropes

Now look at it again and it resembles something.  Look again because you now see a leaf bag called a Leaf Lugger. 

This leaf bag is the answer to your leaf problems. 

The last thing to decide is where you want to move your leaves to.

                             Just rinse it off

After you wipe it or rinse it off, you can roll it up and store it away until those unwanted leaves return.  The Leaf Lugger can be used over and over again as it is durable and will last you for the season of the leaves, time and time again.

Now that was so easy.  The Leaf Lugger just saved the day because it saved you time, effort and money.           will help you take care of your leaf needs. 

Why waste time when you can save time. 

Why continue to waste energy when this saves you energy. Use a yard tarp.

Last but not least, why spend the entire day perfecting that lawn when all you have to do is spread out the Leaf Lugger and move those leaves over it.   By the time you get the leaves on and you move the lugger to your desired spot, you will then realize that you have the entire day ahead of you because you just saved yourself TIME.

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