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  A Leaf Removal Net and Leaf Tarp all in one to make the Leaf Lug Date: 06/18/2014  

A Leaf Removal Net and Leaf Tarp all in one to make the Leaf Lugger.

                      Did you ever think about this???


Just look at how nice the yard is.....

Everything is so organized.......

Well!!! The trick to get to the above picture is to call

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Yes you are right, leaves are pests, they are annoying, and they get in the way of your beautiful land or property.

Just look at that yard.

Did your yard ever feel this neglected after you tried to rake it???

This Leaf Tarp is the answer to your Leaf Removal needs.  As you can see the Leaf Lugger is opened up and ready to assist you with perfecting your yard.


Now a Leaf net/Leaf tarp is what you need to organize the leaves and straighten up that once beautiful land of yours.  As the man rakes the leaves, the Leaf Lugger's smart tarp technology has stiffeners built in, preventing it from folding or moving as you rake leaves over it.  The mesh on the outside prevents it from bending or buckling in the wind.




Instead of dealing with leaves that refuse to go where you want them.

The Leaf Lugger will help you by staying still as you rake them over this durable Leaf Net.  The man in this photo is happy unlike the woman above because he only has a few steps remaining.

I am sure you had raked leaves and then realized that after you finished it was hours later.


Next, this man pulls the ropes and all of a sudden this leaf net transforms into a leaf carrier.


That sure does look easy compared to countless hours of raking and positioning those leaves to the exact spot.  This leaf net at first was a leaf tarp, then the strings were pulled to make it a leaf carrier.


What is looks like this guy has is a leaf tarp with handles.

Last, this man now can transport the leaves without having to continue to rake the yard to make it perfect.

What is the best way to get leaves removed??

The Leaf Lugger

All you have to decide is where you want to move those leaves to.

After you use the Leaf Lugger, you can clean it off by rinsing it.

After you clean it, let it dry, and roll it up to store away for next time.

After you roll it up, you can place it in a nice snug spot.

Remember that phone number is: 610-213-5238

or the website:

Just remember that using a lawn mower, a leaf blower, and bags all result in a mess because leaves are still sticking around whether they are large or small.  Then you have to continue to rake and waste more time.

Now the choice is yours, you can either continue wasting time which results in other chores being neglected, or you can purchase the Leaf Lugger and start getting to other projects because your leaf removal is finished.

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