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  Yard Tarp: The Solution to Your Backyard Problem Date: 07/01/2014  

Yard Tarp: The Solution to Your Backyard Problem

As a homeowner, which looks better: a yard filled with dried leaves or a well-kept yard without any stray leaves at all? You’ll probably pick the latter, since dried leaves will make your backyard look like nobody’s tending to it.


Isn’t it annoying when you constantly rake for dried leaves and when you think you’re finished, you turn around and see that new leaves have fallen? It feels like the leaves are mocking all your effort, doesn’t it? And you don’t have all day to rake them all again. It also doesn’t help that the leaves are light and can easily be carried around by the wind, so even if you rake them and accumulate them in a single spot, stray leaves will still escape and demand attention from you.

But what if there was a solution? What if this solution is handy, easy to store, and pretty much everything you’ll ever need to get rid of the leaves in your yard?

Do you have friends coming over? Are your relatives due for a visit? You’ll never know who’s coming to knock on your door any minute and if you’re not prepared, they might see the chaos in the backyard where you and the leaves were having a never-ending fight. The fight has to end, and it needs to end now. The solution? Yard tarp.

During all the times you needed to rake your yard to get rid of dried leaves, you’ve probably thought of using a tarp or something big where you can gather all the leaves to make disposal less of a hassle. But using a tarp will simply not do. The tarp can be carried by the wind, which will cause more problems for you, the yard cleaner. A yard tarp, on the other hand, can stay on the ground and be secured. There’s no problem about the wind blowing because it will stay there as your companion, waiting for you to fill it up with leaves.

Once the yard tarp is filled with leaves, how will you dispose of them? This handy tarp easily transforms into a leaf trap so that you can carry all the leaves you’ve gathered without any of them escaping. Now the endless trips of gathering a small amount of leaves, throwing them in the trash, and repeating the process until every single leaf has been cleaned will end. All you have to do is use the yard tarp by laying it on a good spot, raking the leaves to its direction, and closing the tarp so that it becomes a leaf carrier. Once that’s done, you are free to carry the leaves to a disposal area. You can throw them in the trash or put them in a fire pit in order to burn them.

The tarp surely does help clean the backyard, but how do you store a tarp that has a big area like that? Don’t worry—the tarp is collapsible and foldable. It can easily be rolled like a sleeping bag so that you will only need a small space in the garage or storage room. When not in use, the yard tarp will stay there pretty much not occupying any space at all. Anytime you need a quick way to remove leaves, all you have to do is just pull it out of its storage space, unroll it, lay it flat on the yard, then start raking. How simple is that?

Now, which is better: spending hours and hours raking leaves that will only get out of your grasp, or using a leaf carrier to gather then all in a heap to make disposal a quick task? That’s up to you to decide, but if you have better use for your time and you don’t want to waste your energy raking and raking leaves that will only continue falling, then go ahead and get the leaf trap now.


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