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  Leaf Cleanup: Fall in Love and Not Fall in Trap They’re usually Date: 11/11/2014  

Leaf Cleanup: Fall in Love and Not Fall in Trap

They’re usually a favorite subject of photographers during fall season. And they’re really quite picturesque. There’s no denying that autumn leaves are beautiful. They have this scenic and quaint appeal. They symbolizes the start of the holiday season. Alas, the same fall leaves, no matter how picturesque they are, become a mess on your lawn. And fall leaf cleanup is a chore not everyone would enjoy to do.

In fact, it’s one of those deciding factors that potential homeowners think about if they want a house with a big lawn or not. It’s usually the cause of bickering between siblings and couples during the season. The “I did it last year! You clean it this year!” and “I’ll give you 20 bucks to clean my lawn” are just all too common phrases when it comes to this chore.

Fallen Leaves to Natural Composition

If you leave the leaves there and do nothing about it, won’t the leaves just naturally become a compost? If you just have a few leaves, letting them naturally compost is a great idea. Blow them off into the bushes or let them feed the lawn with the mower so they turn into mulch and then, eventually, organic fertilizer. However, if you have a big lawn and your fall leaves are substantial, to the point that you can’t see the grass underneath, you have no choice but to do leaf cleanup. Else, your scenic autumn leaves will smother and kill your lawn grass.

So no matter if you actually love removing the leaves or you just don’t have a choice, fall leaf removal task has your name on it.

The Right Fall Cleanup Tools

The great thing is that with the right tools, you can make the fall leaf removal so much easier and even enjoyable. Here are options that you can choose from:

  • The Good Old Raking System – It’s not the most glamorous chore, but you can use an “oldie but a goodie” method of leaf cleanup. You can rake the lawn with the help of the entire household to finish the task faster. Turn the task into a fun, bonding moment. But even if you do the task on your own, the various rake types can make your job less exhausting.  Your rake choices are:
    • Ergonomic rakes – the kind that has a bendable handle, hence great for your back
    • Expanding rakes – can be adjusted to widen the bows for easier raking, or tighten them to get the leaves from narrow spaces
    • Foam-covered rake – to make sure you don’t get hand blisters or suffer from hand injuries caused by raking

With the combination of a good, sturdy rake and your patience and hard work, the leaves won’t stand a chance.