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  Why your home needs fall leaf removal Date: 11/11/2014  

Why Your Home Needs Fall Leaf Removal

Fall comes with a bounty of leaves that accumulate on your roof, lawn, and backyard. Whether they are from your neighbor’s trees or yours, the beautifully assorted colored leaves of fall present a problem to homeowners because winter is coming and you definitely wouldn’t want a layer of leaves and snow weighing down your roof.


                                Because of this, leaf cleanup is an essential thing for homeowners. Although a tiring task, leaf cleanup is a necessary precaution and home maintenance procedure that homeowners have to do to keep their surroundings in great condition. A pile of leaves may seem like no big deal and throwing them around as if they’re confetti may even seem fun but there are problems that come with accumulated leaves if you just allow them to stay there.

The following problems can be avoided with leaf cleanup:

  • Unwanted pests – Animals gather food which will serve as their supply for winter before winter comes. If you have a pile of leaves in your lawn or backyard, insects and even small mammals in the area may come and go looking for valuable food items like nuts and the like. Ants may also be drawn to the pile of leave—and eventually, your home as well. A pile of leaves may also seem to be the perfect place to hide or burrow for the coming winter. Although animals usually hibernate underground, a thick layer of leaves may seem to them as a good additional layer of insulation once the ice begins to layer up. Fall leaf removal can keep these unwanted pests at bay and you’ll have less to worry about when you keep your surroundings clean.
  • Accumulated moisture – Although these leaves are dry, they can still accumulate moisture from the morning dew or especially from rain. Once these leaves get too much moisture in them, they will begin to decay. This isn’t bad if you’ve thrown all of the leaves into a compost pit, but accumulated moisture within the pile of leaves would make them harder to clean which is why early fall leaf removal is advised. An odor may also issue from the leaves when you allow them to begin decaying.
  • Mold growth – In relation with accumulated moisture, leaf cleanup is also necessary when you want to avoid mold problems. Leaves piled up on the side of your house, on your roof, or your porch may lead to a development of mold and other fungi. Mold can ruin the wooden parts of your home and even discolor concrete surfaces. There are kinds of mold which can be harmful to your health, and you can avoid further problems by having a thorough fall leaf cleanup instead. Don’t allow the accumulated leaves to bring the problem of mold growth to your home by getting ahead of it and removing all the possible causes of mold growth!
  •  Roof and gutter damage – Leaves may appear light and unobtrusive, but when they pile up, you’d be surprised at how heavy these dried leaves can get. This is what will pose a problem on your roof and gutter. The weight of the leaves may damage roofs—new or old, and may weaken them by the weight along with moisture. The leaves on your roof can attract and retain extra moisture and this may lead to roof damage in the long run which is why fall leaf removal is essential. You should also have a thorough leaf cleanup before winter comes so that you know your gutter is in good condition and would support just the weight of the snow while allowing drainage whenever necessary. With thorough leaf cleanup, you also help maintain the overall look of your home and add to its aesthetic appeal instead of having it look like a worn out property.
  • Post-winter decay – If you don’t clean up the leaves right before winter sets in, you ought to expect some post-winter decay and it’s not a very nice business to deal with. All the leaves become heavy and sodden with the melted ice and it’s hard to make out the distinction between the layer of leaves and the moistened ground. Cleaning these leaves before winter will save you more effort after the cold season is over. By then, you’ll thank yourself for having less to clean around your area!


Cleaning fall leaves may seem like a huge trouble—especially when you have little hills of leaves forming in your area. Because of this, having a great set of tools to back you up when cleaning all of those fallen leaves!


The Best Fall Leaf Removal Tools


  • Rake – For fall leaf removal, a rake can be your best friend. This tool is usually light enough to drag around and can come in many different designs, as well as widths. This is hands down one of the best ways to move your leaves into a pile.
  • The Leaf Lugger – The Leaf Lugger can help you cut your cleaning time in half because it stays flat on the ground as you pull it around. Leaves can be loaded onto it from all sides and can hold a huge pile of leaves without being blown away because of the durable and easy-to-close outer mesh which also happens to be windproof! It also has built-in handles that makes transporting it a breeze. Apart from being of great use in the fall, you can also use this leaf cleanup tool in the summer for grass cuttings or any general maintenance work in your yard. This effective product would actually remove the need for a wheel barrow!
  • Versatile ladder – A ladder that would support you while you clean your roof would also be of great use for cleaning leaves. To avoid roof damage, you ought to have enough time to check on the condition of the leaves piling up on your roof and gutter. Your chosen ladder must have durable legs and non-skid bases to help ensure you have stable footing as you begin cleaning your roof.
  • Trowel – When getting into the crevices and other narrow spaces on your roof and even on the ground, you will need a trowel to reach in. When being used on the gutter, just make sure you don’t poke holes into your roof structure by dragging it along lightly and carefully. This is a useful tool for areas around the porch or in between fences!
  • Gloves – A pair of gloves makes pulling your rake and trowel a lot easier. It also protects you from blisters. You can just grab some leaves that are really hard to remove without getting too dirty with a good pair of working gloves on. It just helps make everything much easier.


Because of these benefits, fall leaf removal with the best set of tools can really be the best solution when dealing with a ton of leaves on your property. When in need of leaf cleanup materials, remember that having efficient tools to help you move around can cut your cleaning time in half! As soon as you set your schedule and have all of these DIY tools to help you clean your property, you’ll be ready to facilitate all the leaf-cleaning action that you need to get your hands on.


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